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replacement properties for your DST 1031 Exchange. 
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Sufficient Inventory

Sufficient inventory may allow for ease in meeting 45-day and 180-day exchange deadlines.

Turnkey Purchases

Turnkey purchases where financing and property/asset management are in place.

Cash Flow

Cash-on-cash returns typically paid out on a monthly basis for most DST properties.

Geographic Diversification

National locations and lower investments minimums means geographic and product diversification.

Tax-Deferred Investments

Ability to completely or partially defer taxes on your investment real estate. (Consult with your tax professional.)

Greater Disclosure

Greater disclosure requirements than needed in traditional real estate investments.

Meet Timelines with Ease

Closings within days, not months, reduces stress of mandated timelines.

Shelter Income

Partially shelter income via interest deductions and property depreciation.

1. Qualified Qpportunity Zone Fund

A QOZ is an area where new investments may be eligible for preferential tax treatment. A QOF is an investment vehicle used to invest in QOZ property.

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Benefits of a DST 1031 Exchange

Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 Exchanges are a core component of IREXA’s innovative tax reduction approach. A 1031 exchange may allow you to defer gains from the sale of real property to a more opportune time. You may be able to diversify your portfolio by geography, type of investment, and industry while still matching debt/equity requirements of the code by exchanging into a professionally managed Delaware Statutory Trust property. With a DST 1031 Exchange, you receive passive income without management responsibility, that’s retirement. Some benefits of a DST 1031 Exchange include, but are not limited to:

  • Income paid monthly ( with most sponsors). (1)

  • Help to reduce the stress of mandated 45 and 180 day 1031 Exchange deadlines.

  • The ability to partially shelter income through proportional participation in interest deductions and property depreciation.

  • No day-to-day management.

  • Professional property and asset management.

  • Commercial assets available nationally.

  • Quarterly and annual performance reporting and analysis.

  • Ability to utilize IRC 1031 again in the future upon disposition of current securitized fractional real property investment. (2)

  • Pre-arranged financing with non-recourse loan structure in most cases.

  • Greater disclosure requirements than provided in traditional real estate investments.

Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds vs. 1031 Like-Kind-Exchanges
Benefits of QOFs

Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds (QOF) investments are somewhat similar to 1031 like-kind-exchange investments in that they both mitigate taxes on capital gains. With a 1031 exchange, the gain is deferred to a more opportune time, which deferral can be extended through subsequent 1031 exchanges. With a QOF, taxes on the gains are paid wholly or partially through a special distribution from the sponsor to the investor in tax year 2026 that is to be used to pay taxes due in April of 2027. Thereafter, in the event the QOF investment is held for more than 10 years following the end of the capital raise, all gains to the investor from the sale of the assets held by the QOF are returned to the investor tax free with no recapture. While 1031 like-kind-exchanges require that real property in the United States is exchanged for other real property in the United States, investors can invest taxable gains from any source into QOFs.

  • Investments in QOZ Funds may be eligible for preferential tax treatment.

  • Opportunity Zones are an opportunity for investors to do well financially, while doing well for the community.

  • Invest only the capital gain from sale of any property.

  • Invested principal does not receive QOF benefits.

  • Quarterly or monthly income after completion of QOZ development. (1)

  • Tax Deferral through 2026. (2)

  • Maximize after-tax return through income and appreciation.

  • 100% step up in basis in 10 years, eliminating all capital gains tax and depreciation recapture.

  1. Income is not guaranteed.
  2. Tax benefits based on the Internal Revenue Code and applicable Revenue Rulings and Revenue Procedures as written. Future changes in the Code may impact future tax liability. Consult with a tax advisor on any applicable changes to the Code.
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