Professional Collaboration at IREXA Financial Services

Investing and tax planning should go hand-in-hand. Collaboration with Tax Professionals, Commercial Real Estate Brokers, and Estate Planning Attorneys is a team approach to investment strategy in which all financial professionals work toward one goal: wealth preservation solutions for our clients. Our clients who have undergone a comprehensive financial review and have deployed their Strategic Tax Mitigation™ plan have had tax savings upwards of six figures. Read about successful tax mitigation strategy results in our case studies.

Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents, Tax Professionals

Together we review, evaluate, and create an individualized plan to minimize tax liability and maximize after-tax earnings. We are sharing information with CPAs about opportunities, products, and timing considerations to point your clients toward minimizing taxes. We think when we work as a team to build a long-term wealth management strategy, the client wins. Tax efficiency helps our clients keep more of what they make.

Commercial Real Estate Professionals

Collaboration with a Registered Investment Advisor frees up your time to move to the next deal by shifting IRC section 1031 exchange replacement property responsibilities to a financial professional who offers securitized “like-kind” properties. Clients who do not want to manage property can exchange into passive property ownership through purchase of securitized real estate shares.

Financial Services and Wealth Strategies

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