What if your financial advisor was always looking at your full financial picture and goals, then collaborating with your tax advisor to optimize tax savings? One of the biggest issues for high net worth individuals and small businesses is taxes. I used to be an architect, for me it was a natural progression from that profession to commercial real estate and on to financial analysis and investment strategies to maximize tax savings. The common threads are structure and strategy. These two components are the key to how I build tax mitigation strategies at IREXA. ‘Structure’ is a complex system considered from the point of view of the whole rather than of any single part. This is how I think of investment strategies and why I work so diligently to build the most tax-efficient outcomes. ‘Strategy’ is a plan, method, or series of maneuvers for obtaining a specific goal or result. Together structure and strategy are my methods for building Strategic Tax Mitigation™ for accredited investors.[1] In light of the financial whole, what series of maneuvers (strategic investments) will more probably obtain a specific goal. I always assume that one of the goals of high net worth individuals and small businesses is to reduce taxes and redeploy the savings to their own benefit. No one investment sits alone. It creates the potential for income, loss, tax, expenses, deductions, etc.  Why choose one investment vehicle over the other? I look at all aspects and possible outcomes.  For example, if you buy stock, it produces a dividend and sells for more than you paid, maybe; but buy fractional ownership in real estate and potentially have income, equity, plus the tax deductions. My clients are active participants in the process. I view my relationship with my clients as one of trust, common vision, good communication, and mutual respect. I plan and design a financial strategy in collaboration with their tax advisor and coordinate execution. The goal is to maximize the tax-saving impact by adding ideas, seeking clarity, finding what emerges as we work our way through the process. I build tax-efficient wealth strategies that may reduce overall tax liability. There may be many opportunities to reduce one’s current tax burden, and they are legal, set up as policy to encourage investment. Isn’t it worth a free consultation to make sure you are keeping as much of your money as possible?
[1] IREXA may have investment solutions to help you with your individual tax situations as determined with your CPA, tax advisor, or attorney. Neither IREXA nor SANDLAPPER Securities, LLC are tax advisors. IREXA® Financial Services / Wealth Strategies collaborates with CPAs, attorneys, and other tax planning professionals to assist clients with tax mitigation strategies.  IREXA® and Great Point Capital, LLC are not tax professionals or attorneys. IREXA® only provides client tax mitigation strategies through, and with the approval of, the client’s professional counsel. Securities offered through Great Point Capital, LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC, 200 W Jackson Blvd #1000, Chicago, IL 60606, telephone (312) 356-4872. IREXA® is not affiliated with Great Point Capital, LLC. 
Tax-mitigating Investment Strategies Require Structure
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