DST Properties Create Options

If you own commercial real estate and are ready to sell, hopefully near the top of the market, a 1031 exchange for like kind property may defer taxes to a more opportune time. Deferring taxes allows you to redeploy your capital gains into more investments to potentially grow your wealth.

In this time of unknown economic factors, diversification may provide more stability.  And, “like kind” for a 1031 exchange has a broad interpretation that may allow you to exchange a warehouse for an interest in an office building, a shopping center, or an energy production property, as well as a different geographical zone than your current property.  Such diverse properties are available as Delaware Statutory Trusts “DST” in which you are a shareholder.

If you are ready to hang up your management duties, using a 1031 exchange allows you to move from hands-on ownership into a professionally managed, institutional quality property that provides passive income.

A 1031 exchange has deadline requirements that are easy to manage if you plan ahead. We have turnkey DST properties that are ready for purchase.  You can view our current DST properties and receive our continually updated property list.  Please call (866) 420-2004 with questions about your property, sale, and 1031 exchange options.  We work diligently to help you keep more of what you make.

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The 1031 Exchange & Diversification
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