Author : Robert Boggess

The Delaware Statutory Trust as a Real Estate Investment

Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs ) have emerged as form of ownership as an alternative to Tenants in Common (TIC).  Investors who hold highly appreciated real estate assets may be at a stage of their lives when they are seeking more passive investment opportunities. Passive, professionally managed ownership may allow them to concentrate on other opportunities […]

Using Tax Mitigation Strategies to Grow Your Wealth

Why You Need a Tax Efficiency Analysis At IREXA, we focus on tax mitigation strategies. We help clients mitigate taxes from: ordinary income, passive, and portfolio income; the purchase and sale of assets including real estate; and retirement and estate planning issues.1 First let’s talk about tax mitigation strategies. Tax mitigation is simply the idea […]

Tax Deductions via Conservation Easements

Charitable contributions of conservation easement provides tax deductions to the contributors. They are a proven, effective way to provide for the public good by transferring properties into the public realm in perpetuity. On December 30th Richard Rubin published an article in the Wall Street Journal about conservation easements primarily from the perspective of conservation easement abuse. He […]

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